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    Southeast Missourian

    Man's weight loss earns spot on 'Rachael Ray Show'
    Southeast Missourian
    Blocker said he hopes the segment encourages people to make healthy changes in their life "even if it is to eat just one less bad meal a week." The episode in which Blocker appeared aired Feb. 12. "All season long, they've been doing different segments ...

    Farmington native will appear on Rachael Ray
    Daily Journal Online
    Farmington native Ryan Blocker will appear on Rachael Ray Show on Thursday in a segment telling about his amazing weight loss. Blocker lost 370 pounds using the Healthy Weigh Program at Saint Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau. Blocker is the ...

    10 Things you didn't know about Rachael Ray
    The new season of The Rachael Ray Show will feature humanitarian efforts, health-oriented programming and even nudity in the form of a "Strip Chef" segment and Ray admits that all of her efforts are geared toward creating an atmosphere where everyone ...

    and more »

    Latinos Health

    5 Healthy Tofu Recipes from Celebrity Chefs
    Latinos Health
    Bean curd, more commonly known as tofu, is a food made from coagulated soy milk and is widely known as a health food. It is predominantly used in East and Southeast Asian cooking. According to Soya, it is a versatile food product with many nutritional ...

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