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    Pet Events
    Savannah Morning News
    27 from both the Habersham Street TailsSpin store, 11 a.m.-2 p.m., and from the Abercorn Street PetSmart store, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Go to www.savealifepets.org to see all our healthy, happy pets looking for a for-ever home. If you find a good match ...

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    Clinton Herald

    Organization makes ill kids' dreams come true
    Clinton Herald
    Among those thousands of children there are often wishes hoping for better health, sustained comfort or possibly a signed purple guitar. Alisha likes 1980s hair bands, especially Bret Michaels and his former band Poison. When a hospital representative ...

    9 Million Meals... Let's Not Stop There
    Huffington Post
    Prior to that I had lived on a food stamp budget for two months, and even with the generosity of friends I lost weight and my health suffered. As I am sure you know, cuts ... You see Rachel Ray, 9 million meals is great but it won't end there. We need ...

    Arnot medical students to learn about culinary medicine
    Elmira Star-Gazette
    Elmira is tapping into a New Orleans culinary program that blends some Rachael Ray with "The Doctors," an Italian grandmother and even former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Arnot Health on Monday announced it is launching "Healthy Kitchens" ...

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Pet Tales: Enchanting puppies swim underwater
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    The blue eyes of Brando, an 8-week-old pit bull puppy, are open as he calmly watches air bubbles stream out of his nose. By contrast, the enormous brown eyes of 6-month-old Monty look wild and excited as the Cavalier King Charles spaniel chases a ...

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