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plans for Rach Ray superfood News


    Gwyneth Paltrow to pen new cookbook
    Gwyneth Paltrow has announced plans to write another cookbook, this time featuring clean comfort food for the family. During an appearance on the Rachael Ray Show, Paltrow said she's working on a new book that will focus on healthy, family-friendly ...

    Boston Globe

    Six myths about nutrition and health
    Boston Globe
    ?It's like having Rachael Ray in your freezer ? they're all prepped and ready to go,? said Blake. She said that the nutrients in vegetables are not damaged by freezing, but they can be damaged by overexposure to ... Mantie said that too often, people ...

    and more »

    CPAC gets an overhaul 2016 GOP Pelosi's Crystal Ball
    ... operations ... and Mike Adams will continue to serve as general counsel. CODA ? QUOTE OF THE DAY: ?Let's say, if a woman became president ? I could be called Adam.? ? Bill Clinton, in a Rachael Ray interview airing Thursday. http://politi.co ...

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